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What is Palm Kernel Fatty Acids Distillate?

Palm kernel fatty acids distillate is one of the residual and renewable raw materials as well as wastes that are derived after processing palm kernels to find refined palm oil used in the chemical industry as well as the food industry. Palm oil is a vegetable oil derived from palm…


How Soap Noodles Add Value To Soap Manufacturing

Soaps are one of the most essential items of people's day to day life. Whether it is for washing hand and face or your body while showering, you will need soaps. Despite of the negative growth of soap in European countries, the soap manufacturing industry in Asia continues to grow.…


Soap Noodles and Its Uses

Soap noodles are used as the primary raw material in the production of laundry soap and toilet soap bars. The remaining materials for the final product depend on individual manufactures. Soap noodles prices differ among vendors and vary based on different conditions and qualities such as color and moisture content.Accord…


Things to Know About Palm Kernel Fatty Acid Distillate

Many types of wastes and residue raw materials, like palm kernel fatty acid distillate or PFAD, etc., are found when palm kernel fatty acid is refined by using the process of distillation. Palm kernel fatty acid distillate can also be used as a renewable raw material like palm oil even…

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