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Things to Know About Palm Kernel Fatty Acid Distillate

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Many types of wastes and residue raw materials, like palm kernel fatty acid distillate or PFAD, etc., are found when palm kernel fatty acid is refined by using the process of distillation. Palm kernel fatty acid distillate can also be used as a renewable raw material like palm oil even if they are linked with a different chain of material supply. Palm oil is a vegetable oil derived from the crop of palm trees but PFAD is the residue got while refining the palm oil. It can be used as a residue raw material in chemical and food industries.

Definition of PFAD

Degraded fats
The fats found in the fresh fruits of palm start degrading due to handling and extracting palm oil. To transport palm fruits for a long time, they are processed and refined so that further degradation of fats can be avoided. When palm oil is refined, then the oil is distilled to remove these degraded fats along with free fatty acids and get food-grade palm oil that can be used in the food industry. It not only increases its shelf life but also improves its odor, color, and taste is improved. Though the distillate of palm kernel fatty acids is not suitable for human use still the products made from it are used by humans.

Voluntarily available
You can get a lot of PFAD for different uses as the demand for food-grade palm oil is increasing day by day for a long period. The distillate of palm oil is legally used throughout the world in biofuels as a renewable raw material. It can also be used in making soaps, candles, animal feed, and various other products containing oleochemicals.

palm kernel fatty acid distillate

Effect of using PFAD on the expansion of palm farming

The main aim of refining palm oil is to maximize the production of food-grade palm oil instead of increasing the output of its distillate as its price is very low as compared to the main product. But the consistently increasing demand for refined palm oil, a large volume of PFAD is produced even if they try to maximize the production of food-grade palm oil.

In this way, the production of PFAD as a renewable raw material does not encourage the expansion of the farming of palm trees as producers try to increase the production of refined palm oil. PFAD is an undesirable product.

Another undesirable residual product is the sawdust which you can get while cutting down the palm trees as well as making planks from the logs at a sawmill. Though sawdust of palm trees can be used in many ways still it can never affect the farming of palm trees as it is an undesirable residue.

Climatic benefits of using PFAD as renewable raw material

Palm kernel fatty acid distillate is one of the waste and residue raw materials that allow several industries including the food industry, to use it as an alternative source of energy in the form of biofuel. The producers of biofuels offer space to the producers of PFAD produced by refining vegetable oils. It allows the producers of palm oil and cultivators of palm trees to use their land for cultivating fresh crops.

According to the experts, the use of PFAD and other waste materials as a source of renewable raw material can help in improving the climate in surrounding areas as it will reduce the emission of greenhouse gases to a considerable level due to increasing the shelf life of the biofuel and reducing the use diesel-powered vehicles for transportation.

Thus, where the replacement of palm oil is not feasible, most PFAD is exported to improve their economy by using it for producing different types of items like animal feed, etc.

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